​​Prior to life casting I worked in social services for several decades specifically, with the homeless and those experiencing mental health and addiction issues.  It didn’t matter whether I was trampling through the woods, parks, under bridges in sub-zero weather or sitting in someone's living room,  I loved my job!

There was a tremendous amount of satisfaction helping individuals, families with children and the elderly obtain housing and the mental and medical health services they desperately needed. 

Life Casting by Juanettais the culmination of over two decades of mask making experience. I stumbled upon mask making many years ago as the director of West Side Neighborhood Partnership Center, a community youth center in Indiana. I was desperately looking for activities that would challenge, inspire, motivate and expand world of possibilities for the youth within the community.  I watched children who couldn’t sit still sit patiently while the Mask-Maker applied vaseline to the model's face, followed by layers of papier-mâché  and then, wait until the mask was dry enough to be removed. Their experience transformed the center's culture, impacted the entire community, and changed my life forever.  

Their transformation was the reason The Human Mask Project was born in 2012. 

Transformation is defined as "a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance". It's also known as a metamorphosis.  

Life Casting by Juanetta is a metamorphosis of The Human Mask Project.

We have expanded our product line and now offer a variety of services and products through workshops, sculpturing of the human face, hands, feet, pregnant bellies, and retail sales.

We also offer "Transition of Life" casting as a permanent memorial for your loved one.